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Signature Memphis | October 2017

Photo by Steve Roberts

Tina Sullivan

Executive Director, Overton Park Conservancy

Best Memphis Hangout: Overton Park
First Car You Owned: 1978 Toyota Celica
Hometown:  Memphis (specifically, Frayser)
Favorite Southern Idiom: Bless your heart
Who Would Play You in a Movie: Will Ferrell
Favorite Place to Travel:  Any place I’ve never been
Your Best Quality: My seemingly infinite ability to forgive
Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: Errrbody knows errrbody
Favorite Song: Whatever is playing on WEVL at any given time
Best Advice You Ever Got: Surround yourself with quality people
Your Most Annoying Habit: Making stupid jokes at inappropriate moments
Place You Go to Think: The streams and rivers of the Ozarks, far away from people and cell phone reception
Something You’ll Never Live Down: Probably one of the stupid jokes I’ve made at one of those inappropriate moments
One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: Someday I’d like to become one of the volunteer river guides for the Wolf River Conservancy
Proudest Moment of Your Life: Finally overcoming my fear of imperfection and embracing the beautiful chaos of life. We’re all on a journey.
Your Lucky Charm: My engagement ring, which is a bone fossilized in quartzite that my husband picked up while we were hiking and had made into a ring.
The Highlight of Your Day: Finding something in our lush natural environment that surprises me – the yellow crowned night herons that roost in Midtown, a fox in the Old Forest at Overton Park, a fat skink sunning itself on the sidewalk.
A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: Celebrities don’t impress me much. My grandmother was my role model, and I would love to invite her to dinner; because she would do the cooking and would make more food than anybody needed, and would invite more people than the house could hold. And she would make each person feel like a revered special guest. Then she’d break out the Scrabble board and beat the pants off of anybody who challenged her (all the while explaining the meaning of all the Latin terms she used to beat us).