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Signature Memphis | March 2018

Photo by Steve Roberts

Jennifer K. Oswalt

President, Downtown Memphis Commission

Hometown: Memphis, but I was born in Grant Park, IL, a farming town near Chicago

Favorite Song: “I Can’t Wait” by Star & Micey

Your Lucky Charm: Memphis urban map necklace

Your Best Quality: I’m genuine

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: My grandmother who had 99 years of life to share

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: Amurica Photo

Favorite Place to Travel: Laguna Beach, CA

Best Memphis Hangout: Loflin Yard

Place You Go to Think: Running

Favorite Southern Idiom: Bless your heart

Best Advice You Ever Got: This too shall pass

Your Most Annoying Habit: I occasionally cut people off when I am excited

The Highlight of Your Day: Talking with my son before he goes to sleep

Proudest Moment of Your Life: Seeing my son’s home-made fusion test work at his maker fair

Something You’ll Never Live Down: Many a gullible moment

One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: Through collaboration with public and private partners and using all tools available, I would like to see Downtown Memphis developed to its highest potential while remaining uniquely “Memphis” and welcoming for all.