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Signature Memphis | March 2019

Photo by Steve Roberts

Lee Harris

Mayor of Shelby County

Hometown: Memphis

Favorite Song: “Lord Don’t Move the Mountain” by Mahalia Jackson

Your Lucky Charm: I have a blue tie with flowers on it that my daughter gave me as a present. I feel strong when I have it on.

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: Good question. Lincoln is very interesting to me right now. He did the right thing, but his reasons were complex. I’d love to chat with him about it.

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: Right now, I like Payne’s restaurant. I’m always fascinated that tourists seem to find their way to this restaurant. It’s out of the way and a pretty hard to find hole-in-the-wall. The barbecue, cole slaw and atmosphere is one-of-a-kind.

Favorite Place to Travel: I’m easy — Destin.

Best Memphis Hangout: I like Havana Mix downtown.

First Car You Owned: I had a 1995 black Chevy Blazer in high school.

Place You Go to Think: I’ve been taking piano lessons lately. It’s really challenging and I think I’m probably creating all sorts of new neural connections. My brain is tired after every practice. I think that qualifies as a thinking place.

Favorite Southern Idiom: I like the word “mane” a lot.

Your Most Annoying Habit: Coffee

The Highlight of Your Day: Coffee

Who Would Play You in a Movie: Jarvis Greer, the WMC News Sportscaster.

One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: Have more kids, drive a bus, design a building, serve in the military, and become a school principal. All of these are still on the table as far as I’m concerned.