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Signature Memphis | January 2018

Photo by Steve Roberts

Daniel Weickenand

CEO / Orion FCU

Hometown: Grew up in Houston, but Memphis is HOME!

Favorite Song: The Weight

Your Lucky Charm: My Wife Diane 

Your Best Quality: My Family and Friends

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite
to Dinner:
Mark Twain

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: Greenline

Favorite Place to Travel: Laredo, TX to see family

Best Memphis Hangout: Café 1912

First Car You Owned: Honda Motorcycle

Favorite Southern Idiom: All hat no cattle

Your Most Annoying Habit: Too many to list

The Highlight of Your Day: Waking up

Proudest Moment of Your Life: Birth of my son

Who Would Play You in a Movie: An extra

Something You’ll Never Live Down: That secret will be kept

What you would like people to know about your organization: We believe a better Memphis means a better Orion.

Place You Go to Think: The gym during a workout

One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: See my son graduate from college!

Best Advice You Ever Got: Lose your head, lose your ...