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Tribute to Onie Johns, Executive Director of Caritas Village

What a lovely celebration! A special tribute was held Feb. 4 for Onie Johns as she retired from her position as Executive Director of Caritas Village.

Since opening Caritas Village as a nonprofit organization in 2006, Onie has spent over 42,000 hours of her time establishing and nurturing this unique place that is part coffee shop, part community meeting hall, and part art gallery and performing arts theater.

“Caritas Village was intended to give people in the Binghamton neighborhood a safe haven that offered nourishment for the body and the soul,” explained Onie. “For instance, we have served over 20,000 meals annually, one-third of which are served free of charge to those in need of a hot meal.”

Even in her retirement, Onie plans to continue to support Caritas Village and we are certain that she will continue to inspire others in her beloved community.


Posted by Kim Coleman at 10:53 AM